Vagabond Travel mascotThis site was launched for two reasons. One reason is to further the online marketing of the Vagabond Travel network of travel related websites. Vagabond Travel is dedicated to sourcing and sharing anything that helps to make travel accessible to all, regardless of financial resources.

The other reason is far more important…

I’ve been trekking across the planet virtually non stop since I was a teenager. One thing I discovered wherever I went was that people everywhere have the same interests, hopes, fears, desires, goals and dreams. That being the case, I never understood why all the peoples of Earth could not get along. I returned to North America after 36 years of globe-trotting and discovered the reason. I witnessed a President of the United States lie to the world to justify initiating a war that killed tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children, then do so again to justify a second invasion.

People lie, that’s a fact. So George W. Bush doing so to further his personal agenda did not surprise me in the least. What surprised… no, what shocked me, was how readily his lies were believed. I recognized Bush to be a liar from the outset, and not just because his lies were so preposterous. I asked myself, “Why were there so few people seeing these ridiculous lies for what they were?” Then it hit me.

Lies appear believable to an audience ignorant of the facts. If everyone on this planet knew of the customs, cultures and beliefs of everyone else, the acceptance of lies told to raise fear, suspicion, prejudice, and religious intolerance would be greatly reduced. But more important, lies and misrepresentations made to insight hatred would have much less success, thus saving thousands, even millions of innocent lives. This would be because the audience targeted to be mislead would be knowledgeable, better informed as to whom it is they’re being manipulated to hate. Having knowledge of what the truth is will thwart the best efforts of a liar every time.

Of course everyone now knows that former President George W. Bush lied. Unfortunately, not before hundreds of thousands of people, many of which were innocent women and children, were permanently disabled or paid with their lives.

The goal of this project is to make as many people as possible appreciate that we’re all fundamentally the same. We all bleed red, and we need to do all we can to stop the bleeding.

Besides wandering the globe to record and report on its many natural and man made wonders, Vagabond Travel will meet people and learn about their stories. If you can meet the Vagabond Travel crew as we wander the globe, wonderful. If you can’t, join the journey by following this blog.

The official definition of a vagabond is… vag·a·bond | vagəˌbänd/

1. a person who wanders from place to place without a home or job.

1. having no settled home.

verb (archaic)
1. wander about as or like a vagabond.

OK, we here at Vagabond Travel can accept this as a fair representation, but with the addition of… a free spirit, a free thinker, a non-conformist, an individual, one who wishes to see for one’s self, and to experience things first hand.

As for the the reference to “no job” in the definition… Well if someone thinks traveling all over the world shooting photos and videos isn’t a job, and a poor paying one at that, their definition of “job” may need some adjustment.