Travelers have many options when it comes to accommodations. There are hotels, resorts, hostels, bed and breakfasts, guest house, cottages and cabins, roadside motels, rooms in private residents, and of course the option to pitch a tent or park a motor-home or trailer. Therefore this list will never be a complete representation of all of the options available in every city in the world. However, I’ll do my best and over time this section will develop into a useful resource.

To keep navigation simple, listings will be listed under the type of accommodation that best describes it. The categories are…

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Lemon Spirit Hostel

The Lemon Spirit Hostel was the the first hostel in Leblon, a neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Lemon Spirit Hostel is a beautifully restored heritage building situated in Leblon, the coolest and most exclusive neighbourhood in Rio de …

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