Vacation Apartments In Poland

Vacation apartments in PolandPoland, or as it is officially know, the Republic of Poland, is situated in Central Europe. Poland is 312,679 square kilometers, making it the 69th largest country in the world, and the 9th largest in Europe. Poland’s population of 39 million, means it is the 34th most populous country in the world and the 8th most populous country in Europe.

The Polish state can be traced back to 966, when Mieszko I, ruler of a territory roughly that of present-day Poland, converted to Christianity. The Kingdom of Poland was founded in 1025, and in 1569 cemented a longstanding political association with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania by signing the Union of Lublin. Once a leading European power with a uniquely progressive political system, the Commonwealth ceased to exist as an independent state following several territorial partitions among Prussia, the Russian Empire, and Austria from 1772 to 1795. Poland regained its independence in 1918 at the end of World War I, reconstituting much of its historical territory as the Second Polish Republic.

Poland tourism has increased exponentially since the fall of Communism. Today tourist can choose to stay in world class, 5 star hotels, hostels or vacation apartments. Virtually every town of interest to tourists throughout Poland has a variety of hostels, guest houses, vacation rentals and hotels. Below is a list of vacation apartments…


The Secret Garden Hostel & Apartments – located in the historic district of Kazimierz.

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