Bengo Province, Angola

Bengo is one of the 18 provinces of Angola and is located in the north of the country. Its capital is Caxito, located about 60km northeast of Luanda, at the crossing of roads from Ambriz and Uige. Bengo has a population of approximately 18,000 people living in urban areas, and about 137,000 in rural areas.

Bengo province has an area of 31,371 square kilometers. The province was created in 1980 by dividing the original province, Luanda, into Bengo and the the current, smaller Luanda province.

Funda, Bengo Province, Angola

Photo courtesy of Angola Monitor.

The province is bordered by the provinces of Zaire to the north, Uige to the northeast, Cuanza Norte to the east, and Cuanza Sul to the south. Bengo has two western coastal stretches along the Atlantic Ocean, and forms an enclave around the national capital’s province of Luanda.

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Kissama National Park and the Kibinda Forest Reserve are located in Bengo province and well worth visiting. The province also has a number of lakes, mostly in the municipalities of Dande and Icolo and Bengo. There are lagoons at Panguila and Ibendoa, Cabiri and Ulua do Sungui.

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