Bikini by Surge Beachwear (by S. Bedford)

Sunlight filters through the murky shallows, illuminating the carved balusters of the underwater patio. I adjust my scuba BCD vest and swim to a faucet which still runs cold water, despite being submerged six meters beneath the surface. I heed my diving instructor’s advice, however, and avoid the light-switches, as an electrical current continues to pass through parts of the sinking hotel.

surge swimwear bikini

Me wearing my Surge Swimwear bikini in the rain.

I am on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, which is rising so quickly as part of a natural fifty-year cycle that it is consuming the hotels built on its edge. It is rainy season on the lake, but that isn’t keeping me out of its gently lapping waters—or out of my new Surge Beachwear bikini.

With cheeky-cut bottoms and an ornately-laced top, this suit is definitely cute, and it performs excellently beneath the 7mm wet-suit. Nothing shifts or bunches, and when I gracelessly peel off my diving attire, my modesty remains intact.

Surge Beachwear is predominately designed for surfing; my bikini top is a wide rectangle that is a classy deviance from the typical twin-triangles cut, designed specifically to remain in place amidst the choppy waves. My bikini bottoms tie on each side, allowing for fine sizing adjustments. Unfortunately, it is cyclone season in Guatemala, so I won’t be showing off my Surge Beachwear on the sand anytime soon. However, it’s definitely my first choice of fashion when dancing in the rain!

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S. Bedford (Sue) is a travel writer from Toronto. She is a Vagabond Travel columnist and the host of our web series. Twitter: @SBedford86

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