Bless Point

Bless PointI was always told that if I have nothing nice to say, I shouldn’t say anything. Unfortunately for Bless Point restaurant in San Pedro La Laguna, I no longer subscribe to that doctrine.

Sue and I have been repeat diners at many of San Pedro La Laguna’s excellent restaurants. Bless Point, however, is one place that we will never venture into again after being served the most pathetic nachos that we’ve encountered since leaving Canada.

Firstly, the portion was so skimpy that I could (practically) count the number of chips in a single glance. Ironically, the price did not reflect as such. Secondly, instead of the mounds of cheese, guacamole, salsa, and assorted ingredients of varying levels of spiciness most restaurants dish out, our nachos were topped with pre-processed disappointment. The chips fringed the edge of a dinner plate (as opposed to being piled in a tottering heap atop a large platter as per usual) with three over-sized bowls occupying the vast amount of space in the middle; a sore attempt at inflating the appearance of the portion.

Sue and I have learned (through the glares at our copious leftovers) that nachos are a dish best shared. Not so at Bless Point. In fact, what we received resembled less a typical serving of nachos and more a fun-sized bag of potato chips.

One bowl was filled with melted Cheese Whiz (“What’s the past tense of Cheese Whiz? Cheese Wuz,” quipped Sue, and I groaned) or a competing product. Another contained guacamole so running that it required a straw, and tasted nothing whatsoever like avocado. The third contained what we agreed was canned tomato soup, and not even the fun kind with the alphabet bits in it.

Word is that Bless Point is a relatively new eatery in San Pedro, and in a prime waterfront location with a fantastic view. As a result, I suspect that it’ll draw in enough new customers to survive without needing repeat business. As many of the pueblos surrounding Lake Atitlan do, San Pedro has a surplus of places to eat. Most of these serve fantastic, hand-made food of generous proportions for reasonable prices. I recommend seeking out these and avoiding Bless Point.

If you’ve eaten at Bless Point restaurant in San Pedro, please share your experience with other travelers by adding a review in the comment section below. Thank you!


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  1. I have eaten at Bless Point a number of times, based upon its good food, good value, good service and awesome view. Through doing so, I have become friends with the owners and staff. This morning they took me aside and showed me your damning review of their restaurant. I don’t think I have ever seen so many words written about a plate of nachos! If what you wrote was true, the owner would quietly improve the recipe for nachos, but as it is, she tells me that they have only ever sold two plates of nachos, to two women, one evening, since they opened, which hasn’t been for long. Ergo, what you have written is perplexing for the owners as they do not recall serving nachos to a gentleman, and should you have recieved such a paltry plate of nachos, with runny avocado etc (by the way, they don’t serve their nachos with avocado), you could have said something at the time, as the owner’s first priority is to their customers. Having eaten here many times myself, and also having eaten here with friends- who all enjoyed the food and found it great value for the quality served- I can only say that you must have been having a bad day when you wrote a virtual trilogy about a mere plate of nachos.

    • Thanks for contributing to my review. Whether I’m reviewing a hotel, hostel, restaurant, coffee shop, attraction or an entire destination, it’s an accurate description of my experience.

      As for only 2 plates of nachos ever being served at Bless Point I can say nothing. However, I was with a woman and we ordered a plate of nachos to share, but no one could mistake me for a woman.

      Generally my reviews are a mix of what I find positive and negative. I have written all positive reviews of course, because that was what I experienced. In the case of my only visit to Bless Point though my experience was far from positive… other than I can say that the service was fast. Unfortunately, I was having a social sit-down and did not care how fast my order arrived.

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