Brittany is Northwest France’s Seaside Resort

dinan-brittany-france Brittany is famous for its sea side resorts and natural beauty located along the Northwest coastline of France. The area is popular for an array of outdoor recreational opportunities as well as many tourist sites of historical significance. The temperature is usually mild in Brittany so it’s a good place to visit all year round. During the winter, the area is rather damp whereas dry during the hot summer months. You should expect rain when visiting Brittany between late October and late December. Watching crashing waves against granite shores are a popular winter time activity.

Vacationers love Brittany during the summer months. It is a great place to visit during summer because you can enjoy the sandy beaches especially if you visit the Southern coast. It is not extremely cold in Brittany during the winter and it rarely experiences the extreme heat of the Mediterranean coast. It is this amazing weather that makes Brittany a nice tourist destination.

You can travel to Brittany from Paris by train. This will take you approximately 2 hours. Most tourists prefer travelling from Paris to Brittany by train because it’s the best way to avoid the traffic in the French capital. You can also take a ferry to Ireland.

If you want to explore the smaller villages and towns in Brittany then rent a car when you reach the city. You will be able to access more remote areas in the coastline and still visit some small villages. You should be able to find a number of car rental companies in most of the major towns in Brittany. You can look for a car rental before you travel to Paris and make early bookings just to be assured of a stress free vacation. Booking the car rental service early in advance can also help you to save on some costs.

There are many places to visit of historical significance located in Brittany. In particular, Brittany has a number of ancient sites to visit dating back to Neolithic period which lasted over 3000 years. The Standing Stones of Carnac is one such site which dates back to 4000 BC and contains fields of granite stones erected in rows. The Castle of Dukes at Brittany is a relic from the medieval era and takes you back to times of knights and nobles as you walk along the castle walls and take in the view of the surrounding countryside.

Local culture is one of the main things that tourists can’t get enough of when visiting Brittany. The community’s way of dressing as well as their music and language is quite distinct. The city is also home to some famous monuments and ancient cathedrals. The well maintained medieval towns also attract tourists to Brittany. The coastlines as well as the interior towns have well maintained public parks where you can enjoy biking on your free time. It is also an ideal place to practice other recreational activities like hiking and swimming.

Brittany has a variety of accommodation options for vacationers. You can get a resort accommodation that is close to the coastline for breathtaking views of the coast. If you want to stay in a camp, there are a variety of parks that offer camping sites where you can pitch a tent. You need to make early reservations with all accommodation options because the area is likely to book up fast during the high peak season. France Homestyle also offers a variety of unique vacation rentals that provide an authentic experience for your stay in Brittany. If you are visiting Brittany during the summer then start planning early enough. You will save more and spend less by making early reservations.

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