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Coco House Boats KeralaThere are a great many forms of accommodation available to travelers. However, few actually are able to be both accommodation and vacation adventure rolled into one. Houseboat rentals, especially when the houseboat is on an inland waterway comprised of lakes, rivers, lagoons and canals in a far off, exotic land, is just such a situation.

Coco House Boats Kerala would like to let prospective guests know that Kerala is a small, densely populated state in the southern most part India, generally referred to as South India.

Kerala’s inland backwaters are a network of lakes, lagoons, deltas, rivers and canals that stretch for over 1,900 km. The shoreline of these waterways are almost entirely lined with coconut trees and other rich flora that is home to an abundance of fauna.

The native language of Kerala is Malayalam, which had originated from Sanskrit and Tamil. The name Kerala means ‘land of coconuts’, and is derived from the Malayalam word ‘Kera’, meaning coconut palm.

Coco House Boats KeralaKerala is a relatively well kept secret when it comes to exotic destinations in the world, but probably will not remain so. Kerala has too much going for it as a vacation destination to go unnoticed, an equable climate, beautiful backwaters and natural beauty, and an abundance of forests renowned locally for a host of herbs of medicinal value.

Coco House Boats Kerala has houseboat rental options for every budget, group size and guest desire…
Deluxe Houseboats – 1, 2, 3, 4 Bedrooms.
Luxury Houseboats – 1, 2, 3, 4 Bedrooms.
100% Eco friendly houseboat cruise.
150 seating conference houseboats.
Wide mobile network coverage.
Rooms with en suite bathrooms.
Dormitory Houseboats.

A tradition Sanskrit saying the Keralites take to heart is “Atithi Devo Bhava”, which mean “Guest is as God”. There couldn’t be a better phrase to describe the level or hospitality and service guests of Coco House Boats Kerala enjoy.

Coco House Boats Kerala
Kariyil Chira Buldgs, Rajeev Boat jetty road
Near Nehru Trophy Finishing Point Road,
Thathampally Post, Alleppey-688 013,
Kerala State, South India
Tel: +91 477 223 9904 (9 am – 7 pm)
Fax: +91 477 223 9903 (9 am – 7 pm)

If you have rented a houseboat from Coco House Boats Kerala please share your experience with other travelers by adding a review in the comment section below. Thank you!

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  1. India is my next travel destination and I am going to go on a houseboat cruise through the Kerala’s inland backwaters. I looks like it will make for some great photos, and maybe an article or two.

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