Vagabond Cruise Ship Initially one would think that a travel website dedicated to affordable travel would not have a section focused on cruises. Normally it wouldn’t, but there are a host of different types of cruises and some are quite affordable. Plus cruise ship companies large or small do everything that is humanly possible to not have to cast off with an empty cabin, including offering deep, deep discounts.

Ironically, it’s possible to book a cabin for two on a cruise ship for less than that it would cost the same couple to stay the same number of days at an all inclusive resort, even when the resort is booked at a discount. Those are the deals Vagabond Travel seeks out, or reasonably priced cruises that are unique and of excellent value for what is offered.



Belize’s abundance of terrestrial and marine species, forests, ancient ruins, clear blue ocean waters, white sandy beaches and the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere make this Caribbean country a tourist Mecca. It’s a favoured destination for a number of cruise lines to call on, as well as home to numerous island hopping cruise ship companies…

Raggamuffin Tours |


The traditional backwater cargo ships of India are the Kettuvallam. Kettuvallam boats are unique in that not a single nail was used in the building of one, even though they’re often over 36 metres in length. These amazing boats were made by tying together the pieces of wood used in their construction. These traditional craft have been replaced by more modern ships and barges for transporting cargo along inland waterways. Fortunately, the Kettuvallam have not been lost. Many have been modified to carry a different type of cargo, passengers. Tourists now cruise the backwaters of Kerala, India, in luxuriously appointed Kettuvallam houseboats that rival 5 star hotels in the amenities available. If you want to go on a memorable, yet affordable cruise, check out these Indian companies offering amazing, Kettuvallam houseboat cruises…

Dona Holidays | Coco House Boats Kerala

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