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dona-holidays logoHouseboat cruises or the renting of private houseboats are becoming a popular vacation option, especially when the cruise is through backwater lakes, rivers, lagoons and canals in an exotic land like India.

To enjoy the mystic sights and sounds of what the locals believe is God’s own country, take a cruise along the palm-fringed waterways of Kerala in a beautiful houseboat. The most enchanting holiday experience in India today is to board a floating villa and enjoy an unforgettable backwaters experience.

Dona HolidaysKettuvallam are now used for backwater cruises in India. In earlier times, these ships were used for transporting cargo. Unbelievably, not a single nail is used in the building of a traditional Kettuvallam, even though they’re often over 36 metres in length. Instead, these amazing boats are made by tying together the pieces of wood used in their construction.

The traditional Kettuvallam that were used as cargo transports have been replaced by more modern cargo ships, and the Kettuvallams have been converted into luxury floating houseboats. Kettuvallams that are converted into houseboat can be simple, one bedroom boats, or they can have as many as six air-conditioned bedrooms, complete with en-suite bathrooms and all the amenities of a luxury hotel.

Listed among the 50 must-see places in the world, the backwaters in Kerala is a network of beautiful channels, lakes, lagoons, rivers and deltas. This unique waterway is comprised of approximately 44 rivers that empty into the Arabian Sea.

Dona Holidays
Munnar Road, Puttady
Thekkady, Pin : 685551
Idukki District, Kerala, India
House Boat Division
Punnamada, Alappuzha (Alleppey)
Kerala, India
Tel: +91 9947169991

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