Gardens of Turia in Valencia

turia-gardenGardens of Turia in Valencia, or Turia Gardens as they are often called, is an old river bed that was transformed into one of the many jewels of Valencia.

Visitors to Valencia, Spain can not miss the Turia Gardens. The 9 kilometre green belt, surrounded by ancient walls and buildings, is the central axis of the city.

Valencia was founded where it is because the Turia River flowed there and it was the new city’s source of fresh water. Unfortunately the river was prone to flooding. In 1957 the flooding was particularly bad. Many people lost their lives, and much of the city was devastated. As a result, Valencia’s city administrators decided to divert the course of the river. The fertile soil of the riverbed quickly gave life to a lush garden. Turia River Bed Gardens, or Jardines de Turia, is the name the Valencian government gave the garden.

The cities government went further. The reclaimed land was developed into a leisure and culture centre. There are playgrounds, sports areas, fountains and well-trimmed, artistic gardens. The river bed is a vibrant area full of people because there’s something for everyone.

The riverbed was the obvious site for new cultural projects. Palau de la Musica has its own section of the garden, while the City of Arts and Sciences sits right in the river bed. And the space between Bridge de las Flores and the Calatrave Bridge hosts fairs, festivals or circuses constantly.

Visitors to Valencia should stroll along the entire length of the river bed. It’s a retreat from the noise of the city. Even though the Gardens of Turia is in the centre of Spain’s 3rd largest city, there is a trench effect that muffles traffic noise and the usual buzz generate by a vibrant urban centre.

The Turia Gardens are beautiful, but no masterpiece of artistic gardening created by masters of the craft. The green space is more of a park-like living space than an outdoor flora museum. Like Valencia itself, the riverbed space is a warm, welcoming and all embracing place that’s more of an experience than it is a tourist attraction.

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  1. I spent 7 days in Valencia, Spain in 2011. Home for me is Santa Clarita, California, USA, and I was doing my own version of Spanish immersion by spending my summer holidays in Spain. It worked because I aced Spanish.

    Each about Valencia is fascinating and the nightlife is fun. The historical buildings are incredible, but the Turia Gardens area was my favorite place in the entire city. Every morning I went for a run along the riverbed pathway because there is no risk of getting hit by a car.

    Anyone visiting Valencia has to take time to walk or run along the entire riverbed. It’s about 5 miles I’d guess, making it a great run or a nice walk.

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