Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Sue and Frankie shopping for worry dolls in Nim Pot fair trade store.Among the villages of the highland Indians of Guatemala, there’s a legendary custom. It’s a unique method of dealing with worrying about problems that can cause sleeplessness. Rather than deal with personal problems alone, the highland people believe it’s better to share them with worry dolls and let the dolls do the worrying for you.

The custom is to tell each of your problems to a worry doll. Then place the worry dolls you’ve entrusted with one of your problems under your pillow when you go to bed for the night. Through the night the dolls will worry about your problems on your behalf, allowing you to sleep comfortably through the night.

Does sharing problems with worry dolls actually combat restlessness during the night, or insomnia caused by worry? Those who share their troubles with worry dolls swear that it does.

Find out for yourself if the ancient custom of sharing your problems with worry dolls has merit. In the comment section below tell Vagabond Travel why you need your own set of worry dolls. One lucky winner will be sent their own set of Guatemalan worry dolls.

Alternatively, you can tweet: @VagabondTravel_ I want to win a free set of Guatemalan Worry Dolls. You can also visit our Facebook page at using your personal FB account and add a LIKE. Then add a comment anywhere saying, “Vagabond Travel, I need my own set of Guatemalan worry dolls because —- include your reasons —-.

NOTE: We will select a winner and send them their set of Guatemalan, highland Indian worry dolls directly from Guatemala, postage paid.

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  1. Hi My name is Tom, To be honest I already have a set of worry dolls and they seem to work for me I mean I have slept better since talking to them My wife is very interested in having a set of her own I won’t let her use mine Are you able to help me secure a set for her Thank you for your time and your consideration

    • Tom… I am in Nicaragua now, but I do have a set of Guatemala dolls with me. Not sure how I would get them to you though. Let me look through my files and I will see if I have the address or other contact info of the fair trade store I bought them at. If I have it I will forward it to your email.

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