Hotel el Delfin, Monterrico, Guatemala

Hotel el DelfinMy original plan was to head south from Antigua to Monterrico, where I would then take a launcha (water taxi) to La Avellana. From La Avellana I intended to take a bus to Taxisco, and then continue on from there to El Salvador by chicken bus. That did not work out at all…

I made it to Monterrico, where I stayed at Hotel el Delfin. Unfortunately, that’s as far as my plan unfolded as it was intended. I had to return to Antigua on the third day. I was a business sort of thing, so could not be ignored. Back in Antigua now, I will head south from here come Monday or Tuesday, once I finish up what I have to do. Let me tell you about Hotel el Delfin first though…

Hotel el Delfin is a collection of real thatched roof, adobe brick structures, not those fake thatched roofs that are laid over a roof structure to make the building look charming. Of course choosing to go with traditional thatched roof and abode brick construction, there’s no air conditioning in the buildings. It can be a bit hot and humid, but who spends any time inside when the beach is literally at their doorstep.

Hotel el Delfin is a collection of thatch roofed adobe buildings.

Hotel el Delfin is a collection of thatch roofed adobe buildings.

The beach is black volcanic sand, so it gets hot. Really, really hot. If you want to walk along the beach it is advisable to wear flip flops or some other form of footwear to protect your feet from being burned. Another area of concern for visitors should be the waves.

Close to the water’s edge there is obviously a drop off. What this does is minimize the change of the shore during high and low tide, causing it to appear to change very little. It also causes the incoming waves to break right at the shoreline. The breaking waves are tall and powerful, and can literally knock you off your feet if you are not careful.

While I was at Hotel el Delfin, two intoxicated guests were at the shoreline and were grabbed by a wave and pulled out to sea. The younger woman managed to get herself and her mother to shore, but the older woman did need to be resuscitated. All beaches have natural dangers, such as: sharks, stinging jellyfish, coral, undertows, sea urchins with toxins in their spines, and so on. I have a simple rule to stay safe… ask the locals if there is anything on the beach or in the water to be concerned about.

If someone is sober and a decent swimmer, the Monterrico beach can be fun. The waves aren’t any good for surfing, but I saw a lot of people body surfing the waves. However, for non-swimmers and kids, the hotel pool is a far safer option for escaping the heat.

The Hotel el Delfin swimming pool.

The Hotel el Delfin swimming pool.

The hotel’s accommodations are a collection of private rooms and dorm rooms. There are rooms with twin beds and double beds. Some rooms have just 2 beds in them, others up to 4 as far as I could tell. Basically, any size group or family unit can easily be accommodated at Hotel el Delfin.


Room at Hotel el Delfin.

Many of the private rooms have en suites, while other private rooms and the dorms share showers, sinks and toilets that are off a courtyard.

Showers at Hotel el Delfin

One of 2 shower areas, this one has toilet facilities.

More showers

More showers off the courtyard, mostly used by returning beach goers.

The common areas of Hotel el Delfin are pretty much as large as the area covered by buildings. There is a large area near reception where there is a TV, book exchange, ping pong table and seating. The bar seating area is huge, with seating around and near the bar itself, as well as areas closer to the beach where the choices are hammocks, tables and chairs, or deck chairs.

Bar seating at Hotel el Delfin. Watching the waves come in.

Bar seating at Hotel el Delfin. Watching the waves come in.

Personally, unless I was eating, the hammocks were where I could be found chilling.

Hammocks at Hotel el Delfin

Hammocks for chilling at Hotel el Delfin.

Hotel el Delfin
Calle de Los Hoteles (Beach front)
Monterrico Beach,
Taxisco, Santa Rosa
Tel: (502) 4661-9255 or (502) 5702-6701

To book your hotel stay, go to now!

If you have stayed at the Hotel el Delfin, please share your experience with other travelers by adding a review in the comment section below. Thank you!


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