Hotels In Albania

Hotels in AlbaniaAlbania, or as the country’s name as it would appear on a passport, Republic of Albania is situated in southeastern Europe. The country’s capital and largest city is Tirana.

Albania is bordered by Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south and southeast. Albania’s coastlines are on the Adriatic Sea to the west and on the Ionian Sea to the southwest. Italy is not even 72 km from Albania, across the Strait of Otranto that links the Adriatic Sea with the Ionian Sea.

Lukova Beach, Albania

Tourism is a significant percentage of Albania’s national income. In fact it represents 10% of the country’s gross domestic product.

Albania was the destination of choice for almost 5 million visitors in 2016. To accommodation the rising number of visitors to the country, there are a great many hotels now operating in Albania, Some are listed here…


Hotel Vila Alba – Located in the center of Tirana, close to Skanderbeg square.

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