Hotels In Belarus

Hotels in BelarusBelarus is an Eastern European country that was formerly part of the Soviet Union. President Alexander Lukashenko has ruled Belarus since July 20, 1994, causing the country to be referred to as “Europe’s last dictatorship”.

Most visitors will require a visa, and getting one can be challenging. It requires either a formal invitation, or the assistance of a tour operator or hotel to help with visa applications.

Belarus is landlocked, wedged in by Poland and Russia in the west and east, and Lithuania and Ukraine to the north and south.

Vitebsk, Belarus

The capital city of Belarus is Minsk, which is the most popular destination for visitors. It is here and Transnistria where visitors can travel back in time to the USSR era.

Although tourism is not the huge income earner it is for other European nations, Belarus is becoming a destination for more and more travelers each year. However, these is no shortage of hotel accommodations. Some options are listed here…


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