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Hotels in UKThe United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, often called the United Kingdom, GB or UK, is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The island nation is located in northwestern Europe and the capital city is London.

Around 65 million people live in the UK and can be divided into four big nationalities. The names of the people and language spoken there, are as follows:

  • England is the largest country, and most populous. People who live in England are the English, and their native language is English. Virtually everyone in the UK speaks English and the language has become a global lingua franca. A few people in the southwest part of England may also speak Cornish, a Celtic language.
  • Scotland, to the north of England, is the second largest country. The Scots, as the people living in Scotland are called speak Scottish Gaelic, a Celtic language, or Scottish, which is much like English but unique in pronunciation and colloquial terminology.
  • Wales is to the west of England. Its people, called Welsh, have their own Celtic language which is understandably called Welsh. Not everyone on Wales can speak Welsh.
  • Northern Ireland is on the island of Ireland, which is west of Great Britain. Some Irish people living there speak Irish, another Celtic language, or Ulster Scots, a dialect of the language spoken in Scotland.

Between the 17th and mid 20th-centuries, Britain was a world power. It became a colonial empire that controlled large areas of Africa, Asia, North America and Oceania. A favored saying at the peak of Britain’s power was, “The sun never sets of the British Empire”, meaning Britain had colonies so widespread it was always daytime somewhere. Most countries became independent from the empire in the 20th century, although Britain keeps links with many of the countries of its former empire.

The UK is a tourist mecca, with England being the most visited country within the United Kingdom. However all four of the UK nations attract millions of visitors each year. The tourism infrastructure in the UK is massive and visitors have a great many hotels to choose from. Hotels throughout the British Isles range from budget accommodations to fabulous, 5 star facilities.



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