I struggled with how to present this journey in an organized, yet interesting way. What I came up with was simple, but I think will do the job.

A day by day journal is easy to organize and you’d think it would be relatively easy to maintain. Maybe in an ideal world, or for someone with nothing to do all day… but it is tough.

Journal updates will be done by whomever on the Vagabond Travel team has something to share that they want more permanent than a tweet or Facebook post. Actually, I would prefer adding a journal entry then tweeting or sharing the link or FB, but we at Vagabond Travel each have our own routine when it comes to social media. So this will be a, “Let’s just play it by ear” thing.

Journal Entry 1: Damn You Air Canada!!!
Journal Entry 2: Vagabond Travel’s team arrives in Mexico City.
Journal Entry 3: Templo Mayor – Disaster
Journal Entry 4: Ten Days Is All It Took To Change My Life
Journal Entry 5: Scammed And Robbed Of Our Passports – Almost
Journal Entry 6: Up At Dawn In Antiqua, Gatemala
Journal Entry 7: Hurry And Wait
Journal Entry 8: The First Full Day of Playing Catch-Up
Journal Entry 9: My Gripe with Saint Peter: Hiking the Volcano in Lago de Atitlán (by S. Bedford)
Journal Entry10: Saying Good-Bye To Lake Atitlan & Sue
Journal Entry 11: My Unexpected Tour Of Guatemala City
Journal Entry 12: I Was Robbed
Journal Entry 13: My First Stop In Granada, Nicaragua
Journal Entry 14: I Was Stung By A Scorpion

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