Laguna del Laja National Park

Laguna del Laja National Park is one of Chile’s 36 national parks. The park lies within the Valdivian temperate forests ecoregion. It’s located at between 37°22’ and 37°28’ south latitude and 71°16’ and 71°26’ west longitude.

Laguna del Laja National Park, Chile

Laguna del Laja National Park, Chile by Cyborgsoto

Laguna del Laja National Park is renowned for its spectacular mountains, whose main attractions are the Antuco Volcano, Sierra Velluda and Laguna del Laja. Laguna del Laja is the name given to this protected area, but it actually only borders the park.

The park ranges in elevation from 976 meters to the 3585 meter Sierra Velluda. Another less prominent peak of the park is Cerro Cóndor at 1,668 meters.

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The park forms part of the Bío Bío River basin. Several activities can be performed within the boundaries of the park and in the surrounding area including climbing, trekking, skiing and fishing.

The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including Pumas and Chilla and Culpeo foxes. 47 bird species have been identified within the park’s boundaries as well. Endangered and rare vegetation species are found in the park also. Among them are, Ciprés de la Cordillera, Araucaria, Maitén del Chubut and Radal Enano.

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