Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is a large, deep lake in the Andes that is located on the border of Bolivia and Peru. By both volume of water and surface area, it’s the largest lake in South America. Lake Maracaibo has a larger surface area, but is a tidal bay, not a lake.

Lake Titicaca is the largest, and one of the highest navigable lake in the world. Its surface elevation is 3,812 metes. There are bodies of water around the globe at higher elevations than Lake Titicaca, but none so large.

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is home to more than 530 aquatic species and large populations of water birds. The most famous of the lake’s residents is the giant frog of Titicaca, which can weigh up to 3 kilos. Several endangered species, such as the huge Titicaca water frog and the flightless Titicaca grebe are largely or entirely restricted to the lake. Some of the birds found at Lake Titicaca are the White Tufted Grebe, Puna Ibis, Chilean Flamingo, Andean Gull, Andean Lapwing, White Backed Stilt, Greater Yellowlegs, Snowy Egret, Black Crowned Night Heron, Andean Coot, Common Gallinule, Plumbeous Rail, numerous species of ducks, the wren like Rushbird, Many Colored Rush Tyrant and Yellow Winged Blackbird. Titicaca is also home to 24 described species of freshwater snails, of which 15 are endemic. Reeds and other aquatic vegetation is widespread in Lake Titicaca.

The Titicaca Reserve was created in 1978, with the purpose of preserving the native flora and fauna and the beauty of the area’s countryside. It was designated as a Ramsar Site on August 26, 1998.

Islands in Lake Titicaca are; Uros, Amantani, Taquile, Isla del Sol, Isla de la Luna and Suriki.

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