Mount Jomolhari

Mount Jomolhari, sometimes known as “the bride of Kangchenjunga”, is a popular trek with tourists visiting Bhutan. It is a mountain in the Himalayas that straddles the border between Yadong County of Tibet, China and the Thimphu district of Bhutan. The north face rises over 2,700 metres, or 8,900 feet above the barren plains. The mountain is the source of the Paro River (Paro Chu), which flows from the south side, and the Amo River (Amo Chu) which flows from the north side.

Mount Jomolhari

The mountain is sacred to Tibetan Buddhists. The Tibetan Buddhists believe Mount Jomolhari is the abode of one of the Five Tsheringma Sisters, female protector goddesses (Jomo) of Tibet and Bhutan, who were bound under oath by Padmasambhava to protect the land, the Buddhist faith and the local people.

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On the Bhutanese side is a Jomolhari Temple. It is located toward the south side of the mountain, about a half-day’s journey from the army outpost between Thangthangkha and Jangothang. It was built at an altitude of 4150 meters. Religious practitioners and pilgrims visiting Mount Jomolhari stay at this temple. There are several other sacred sites near Jomolhari Temple, including meditation caves of Milarepa and Gyalwa Lorepa. Within an hour’s walk up from the temple at an altitude of approximately 4450 meters is Tseringma Lhatso, the “spirit lake” of Tsheringma.

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