My First Stop In Granada, Nicaragua

Nuestro Mundo logoBecause my camera, phone and computer were stolen I have nothing to take photos with. That means I can not share anything visual at the moment. Too bad too, because both the ambiance of Nuestro Mundo Restaurante & Bar, and the massive burger and fries I was served, can only be appreciated through photos.

Situated right on Parque Central (Central Park) in Granada, the view too deserves to be seen rather than described. While I sat on the terrace it started to rain, I remained at my table enjoying the view, the refreshing breeze that accompanied the rain, and one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever tasted.

Upon my arrival in Granada my priority was to get something to eat. I had to skip breakfast to make the bus to Granada, so I was starving. I was dropped off at Parque Central, and Nuestro Mundo was the first restaurant I saw. An obvious expat was seated on the terrace within the concourse, talking to a beautiful local lady. Expats look like tourists, but their obvious comfort with their surroundings and laid back body-language is always a give-away. Not wanting to intrude, but not wanting to be disappointed with my meal, I asked if the food was any good. I was assured it was.

I ordered, and ventured another question of the obviously approachable fellow. I asked when the Granada Tourism office across the street would open. I needed a map of Granada, which normally I would find online. Hating not having any electronic communication devices at all!!!

The expat introduced himself as Gerco Rosbeek, and admitted that he was the owner of the restaurant… assuring me the food was good even though his position was obviously biased. Gerco struck me as one of those people who is impossible not to like from the moment you meet them.

I noticed the lady he left seated at his table had disappeared. I apologized for taking him away from his lady friend. He explained that she was his wife… awkward. His expression contained not a hint of displeasure or annoyance. Yes, Mr. Rosbeek is indeed one of those rare people able to make anyone he meets comfortable.

I explained my situation, robbed of virtually everything but the clothes on my back, and that I would be staying in Granada until I was reequipped. He explained he had apartments but they were not vacant, then proceeded to ramble off a list of possible options. All were North American expat hangouts he explained, and I was probably a little too quick with my explanation that I was indeed from North America, but Canada. Again… awkward… I noted a hint of an accent, but that did not mean Gerco was not a citizen of the USA.

I asked about his accent as I planned how to reduce the impact of what could have been a possible slight against his USA citizenship. He explained he was a Netherlander, Dutch. Again, that infectious smile.

Within minutes of my arrival I had found an affordable bar and restaurant with great food, great service and a zero stress atmosphere. I´ll be a regular while in Granada, and recommend anyone visiting the city to check out Nuestro Mundo Restaurante & Bar on Parque Central.

Nuestro Mundo Restaurante & Bar
Parque Central, Granada, Nicaragua
Tel: 8983 9803
Facebook: nuestro.mundo.10

If you have eaten at Nuestro Mundo Restaurante & Bar in Granada, Nicaragua, please share your experience by commenting below. Thanks!


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