Nick’s Place (San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala)


Nick’s Place, San Pedro, Guartemala

The Lake Atitlan pueblo of San Pedro La Laguna is not a big place. It can be walked across from end to end in about 20 minutes and probably contains only a couple of dozen square blocks of streets. Nonetheless, there are a lot of places serving food, local Guatemalan cuisine as well as Indian, Chinese, Italian, and so on. On the upside, there are no American fast food outlets serving their artery clogging fatty concoctions that are sodium laced and sugar enriched, yet devoid of any nutritional value.

Sue and I will have tried them all before we depart this tiny slice of Latin American paradise. Our criteria for choosing an eating place initially is if they offer WiFi. A secondary criteria is if the establishment is close enough to another restaurant or bar we’ve already eaten at, and thus we have their WiFi password saved among our connections.

Nick’s Place was the first restaurant we stopped at. It was the evening of our arrival in San Pedro. Sue, I and two people we met on the Shuttle bus, Edith from German and Mike from Australia, found lodgings at Hotel Roland [ link ] through one of the tourism agents that have a kiosk at the Panajachel dock, which is where shuttles and buses drop the newly arrived visitors off. The visitors are then able to catch a launcha, (boat taxi), to one of the other pueblos on the lake if they must. Those planning to say on in San Pedro find themselves conveniently deposited in the city’s main tourist area.

Vagabond-Travel-RecommendedNick’s Place is right at the launcha dock, probably the most prime location for a restaurant in all of San Pedro. The place is nice, clean and the service is not only great, but delivered by friendly staff who genuinely seem to be stoked about working there. But the real selling point of Nick’s Place is the lake view. The best recommendation I can give any eatery is to say I have gone there for breakfast, lunch and dinner, repeatedly.

Nick’s Place
Panajachel Dock
San Pedro La Laguna, Lago de Atitlán


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