Posada la Gordita

Posada la GorditaPosada la Gordita is a traditional home stay guest house in the central district of Zaragoza, Leon, Nicaragua. Posada la Gordita is a 6 bedroom home located near conveniently located within Leon. It offers very clean and spacious private rooms with private and/or shared bathrooms.

All linens and towels are provided and housekeeping cleans the entire house daily. The house has a casual, homey atmosphere with an informal dining room, living room and outside porch. Guests are welcome to use the fridge amd open kitchen, and there is coffee available every morning and WiFi is free of charge.

Posada la Gordita is just around the corner from La Olla Quemada, 3 blocks from the main Cathedral in the center, and 1 block from La Colonia, Leon´s newest and most chic supermarket. It is only 6 blocks to the famous french bakery Pan y Paz, and within a 4 block radius of the house there are over 20 restaurants and bars, cafes, restaurants, shopping and the biggest ice cream shop in town. There is also an artisan market within 3 blocks, plus Leon’s biggest fruit stand is within walking distance, offering the best and freshest local fruit.

Posada la Gordita
De Supermercado La Colonia 1 y media abajo
Leon, Nicaragua
Tel: +505 8857 3498
Email: posadalagordita@gmail.com
Website: www.posadalagordita.com
Facebook: posadalagordita

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