Sint Maarten

Sint MaartenSint Maarten is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is located on the southern part of a Caribbean island shared with Saint Martin, a French overseas collectivity, and has a total land mass of just 34 km². Languages spoken by the approximately 34,000 inhabitants are Dutch and English, most of whom live in the capital city of Philipsburg.

In direct contrast to it’s European status, Sint Maarten is considered to be part of North America, and the local currency is the Netherlands Antillean Guilder, not the Euro. Confusing… I know.


St. Maarten is a cultural jewel of the Caribbean, located where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. Sint Maarten is where people from all walks of life come together to enjoy a variety of cultural experiences. One is the Heineken Regatta, an event that sees hundreds of vessels compete in a yearly race. There is also the St. Maarten Carnival, a parade of dance and live calypso music.

St Maarten
Even before they arrive, visitors to Sint Maarten are treated to a unique experience!

Fort Amsterdam and Maho Beach are popular St. Maarten attractions not to be missed. As well, Sint Maarten offers visitors natural landscapes that span lagoons, beaches and salt pans, while the capital, Philipsburg, has cobblestone streets and colorful, colonial-style buildings for sightseers to enjoy.

Sint Marrten is a popular cruise-ship stop, as well as a mecca for vacationing tourists. Thus the tourism infrastructure is extensive. There are plenty of places to shop, as well as hotels, resorts and hostels to stay at. Then there is the beach and ocean… the likes of which few in the world can compare.

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