Soul Kitchen Hostel

Soul Kitchen Hostel logoIt was November 2012 that Soul Kitchen Hostel moved to it’s new location at Moika embankment 62/2 app 9, in St. Petersburg, Russia. The new location is larger and said to be much better. Best, the address indicates it’s still on Moika River, just as the old one was.

No doubt if you stayed at the old Soul Kitchen Hostel near the train station you have fond memories of the place, However, Soul Kitchen had to grow to better serve guests. It now has not one but two beautiful, spacious common areas and a huge common balcony facing the river. Instead of the one computer available for guests in the old location, there are now three MacBooks for guests to use. The new Soul Kitchen Hostel has 4 common and 10 private showers, a vast improvement over the 2 available at the old location. The kitchen at the new location is fantastic too.

The current location of the Soul Kitchen Hostel is new, but the folk who own it opened their first hostel in 2009. Whether you’ve stayed and the old Soul Kitchen, or this would be your first visit to St. Petersburg, you should book your stay at the Soul Kitchen Hostel.

If you need visa support, Soul Kitchen Hostel is there for you!

Russia has some quirky visa requirements, but for the equivalent of just US$30.00 to have everything done for you, and done right, it’s a huge bonus. If you need visa support visit the Soul Kitchen Hostel website BEFORE you book your stay. Follow the simple step by step instruction and you’ll be all set.

Rates are US$31.00 or less per person for beds in dorm rooms. The Soul Kitchen Junior Hostel has suites as well, which are more expensive, but not more than US$76.00.

NOTE: From December 24th through to January 9th, special New Year prices are in affect. It is recommended availability and pricing be confirmed through the website.

Soul Kitchen Hostel
Moika embankment 62/2 app 9
190000 St. Petersburg, Russia
Twitter: @SoulKitchenHome

To book your accommodations, go to now!

If you have stayed at the Soul Kitchen Hostel please share your experience with other travelers by adding a review in the comment section below. Thank you!

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