The Vagabond Travel mission to wander the globe for at least a year has two goals. Firstly, we want to share with our audience the many man-made and natural wonders this world holds. Secondly, we want to draw attention to how similar all of the people on this planet are to one another. We believe that by getting to know one’s neighbours, understanding and friendship will replace fear and distrust, making the world a more peaceful place for all.

Such an undertaking as spending 365 days circumnavigating the planet is going to be costly. Therefore, any savings that can be had or any support given is much appreciated. To this end, Vagabond Travel seeks sponsors, but we are not doing so with hat in hand.

Naturally sponsorship in the form of cash donations are appreciated, and can be made via the link below. However, equally appreciated are non-cash support that will translate into savings. Such savings can be in the form of…

  • hostel, hotel, B&B, or other accommodation stays
  • airline passage
  • charter services
  • restaurant service
  • event tickets
  • cruise line passage
  • local car rental
  • tourist attraction passes
  • products from online or brick and mortar travel gear stores
  • invitations to join guided tours
Cash donations are always welcomed.

Please use the button at the right to donate whatever amount you wish. Any amount donated is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

What A Sponsor Gets In Return…

In exchange for any sponsor generosity, Vagabond Travel will create a feature video promotion of the sponsor’s travel related product or service. The video will be uploaded to the Vagabond Travel YouTube Channel. The YouTube channel is live, but will not be promoted until departure on April 16, 2014. Review videos will be permanently embedded in posts and pages on this and other travel related websites and blogs we manage.

The video, along with a review of the product or service will also be promoted via our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, as well as others social media accounts that will not be activated until after the April 16, 2014 departure date.

All that a sponsor need do, besides providing two to three Vagabond Travel team members with a product or service, is to agree to an on camera interview to discuss his or her product or service. To produce an informative and entertaining video requires the commitment of an hour to at most two hours of a sponsor’s time. All production and editing of the footage will be done by Vagabond Travel staffers.

Below are screen captures of the traffic stats of both this website and the original Vagabond Travel website at www.VagabondTravel.ca that will continue to be maintained. Promotion of this website will commence April 16, 2014, as will the launch of the Vagabond Travel newsletter covering our journey. However, as can be seen from the traffic stats, there’s already an audience without our having done any promotion of the website at all. Obviously once we do the number of daily visitors will increase significantly.

If you have any questions or wish to confirm your participation, please feel free to do so using this form. If you are willing to participate as a sponsor please included details, thanks…

Traffic Stats

Below are the traffic numbers for Vagabond-Travel.com. Promotion of this website will not start until April 16th, 2014, when the Vagabond Travel team sets out on its year long global trek. However, because of the widely circulated competitions we held the site got a lot of buzz. The first competition was to find a graphic artist to come up with a mascot and create all our graphics. At the same time a competition was held to find an audio and video techie.

Another competition to name the mascot, Mister VT Jetster being the winning entry, further enhanced awareness of the website and our project as a whole.

The final competition was a casting call to find an on camera spokesperson who would travel the globe for an entire year, all expenses paid. The person selected was a seasoned traveler and travel writer, Susan Bedford, who already had a wide following. Together the competitions generated enough of a buzz to develop an audience…

Stats screen capture to prove traffic

Generated 31 March at midnight EDT

The original Vagabond website at VagabondTravel.ca will benefit from content created while traveling the globe as well. Thus sponsors helping with the trek expenses will also have videos, photos and textual content included on this website as well…

Screen capture of stats

Generated 31 March at midnight EDT

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