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11 Benefits To Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most beneficial and memorable experiences for any young person to undertake. Following is a list of the top 11 benefits to studying abroad!

1. Affordability

Although not the main reason most students study abroad, affordability is becoming a determining factor for an increasing number of families or self supporting students. With tuition rising in the USA while many countries have started to offer free or subsidized university educations to nationals and foreigners alike, the trend to study abroad is sure to continue to grow. Plus accommodation abroad can be much less costly than at home, with home stay programs, dorms or dedicated student housing offering significant savings.

2. See the World

Obviously when studying abroad there’s an opportunity to see the world. By studying abroad students see new sights, experience different cultures and learn a new language. Also while studying abroad students are able to use time off from studies to visit other countries nearby. Many students studying abroad will use spring break and summer vacation time to backpack through Southeast Asia or Europe because of the close proximity to where they’re attending classes.

3. Enhanced Education

Another reason for studying abroad is to embrace the opportunity to experience different educational styles and techniques. A great many foreign educational facilities are well respected, world class learning institutions the likes of which may not be available back home.

4. Experience A New Culture

Many students studying abroad are leaving their home for their first time. Immediately upon arriving in the host country they’re exposed to new cultural perspectives, foods, traditions and customs. Travel of any kind is key to expanding understanding of other cultures, and traveling abroad to study is no different.

5. Learning A New Language

One of the major draws of studying abroad is the opportunity to learn a foreign language. Studying abroad means to be completely immersed in a new language, which is the quickest and most reliable method of learning to speak another language.

6. Career Opportunities

Once finished studying abroad students return home with added language skills, an enhanced education, and experience living abroad within a different culture. Not only do employers back home appreciate receiving applications from job seekers who studied abroad, but so do employers in the host countries where the studying took place.

7. Find New Interests

Studying abroad offers many new activities and interests that may never have been discovered remaining at home. It is not unreasonable to assume that new forms of entertainment or outdoor activities are going to be adopted that would never have been staying at home.

8. Make Lifelong Friends

The greatest benefit of studying abroad is the opportunity to meet new people who are likely to become lifelong friends. While studying abroad students attend classes and live with students from the host country. Lasting friendships with fellow students are usually maintained long after studies are finished, often for a life time.

9. Personal Development

There is nothing to compare with living in a foreign country. Studying abroad brings out an independent nature in most students. Being in a new country can be challenging, even overwhelming at times, but it tests one’s adaptability and resourcefulness. Of course if a student is staying in a home stay situation there is always someone close by to share the challenges with or seek advice from.

10. Graduate School Admissions

Graduate school admission boards look positively at students with study abroad experience. Students that studied abroad display diversity, aren’t afraid to seek out new challenges, and do not shy away from difficult situations. Also a factor is that students who studied abroad are obviously committed to their education. Graduate schools look for student candidates who will bring unique aspects to their university and students who studied abroad do just that.

11. Life Experience

For a great many students, studying abroad may be their only opportunity to travel for an extended period of time. After graduation job commitments or career pursuits may curtail travel for many years, if not for a lifetime.

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