Surfing Nicaragua

surfing-nicaraguaThe Central American country of Nicaragua, is home to some of the best surfing hot spots and the most amazing beaches on the planet. In fact, surfing is fast becoming one of the activities tourists visit this tropical paradise to enjoy. Visitors also revel in the country’s unique combination of culture, solitude, fiesta and varied outdoor activities.

There are waves suitable for surfers of different skill levels all across Nicaragua. So, whether you’re a pro or a novice, you’ll be able to find just the type of wave that you can be challenged by, overcome, and enjoy! Pro surfers can look forward to discovering surfing spots that haven’t been discovered by multitudes of amateur or mid level surfers, allowing you to catch whichever wave you want!

Surfing in Nicaragua

The waves that lash the coastline of Nicaragua are among the best there are for surfing, not just in Central America, but in the entire world. The southwestern coastline, marked by creek-fed beaches, reefs, and numerous rocking and sandy points feature consistent offshore winds, as well as storm waves that originate far out in the South Pacific Ocean.

With nearly 300 days of ‘off shore winds’ in a year, you can rest assured that it’s surf’s up somewhere in Nicaragua on any given time of day.

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The wet season from May to November features unpredictable onshore winds along with continuous solid swells for several weeks, thereby bringing alive the reefs and points where experienced surfers can catch amazing waves. The dry season from December to April features reliable offshore winds with infrequent South Pacific swells. This is the perfect time for those who want to surf mellow waves, or who are learning to surf.

Take note, the surf breaks and waves are tidal dependent. So check the moon phases to choose which beach on what day will provide the best surfing experience. Extreme tidal swings are evident during new moon and full moon and are ideal for pro surfers. You can ask at any of the surf shops along the coast about the tidal activity before hitting the beach.

The different surf beaches in Nicaragua

The region near San Juan del Sur features some of the best surfing hot spots in the country. These beaches feature consistent weather and waves, less crowds, great wave quality, barrels, hazards, and amazing surfing experiences for people of all skill levels.

Playa Maderas id s 10-minute drive from San Juan del Sur and is a beach with almost perfect winds, hollow rights and lefts, and swells that last for a long time. Playa Maderas is the preferred surf destination of both locals and tourists, novices and pro surfers. Newbies can easily find an abundance of surf schools and sign on for a quick surfing lesson or two, or more if needed.

Other surfing spots in Nicaragua include the outer reef of Playa Popoyo for professionals, and the inner reef of Playa Popoyo for all levels of surfing skills, Playa Colorado and Playa Hermosa. Hope to see you on a Nica beach sometime soon!

If you have surfed somewhere spectacular, please share your experience with fellow surfers and other travelers by adding a review in the comment section below. Thank you!

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