The Alpine Club of Canada

ACCIf mountaineering, ice climbing, skiing or any other alpine recreation is of interest to you, you’re most likely going to want to learn about the Alpine Club of Canada.

The Alpine Club of Canada has 30 alpine huts and 22 regional club sections across Canada. The ACC offers mountain adventures throughout Canada and around the world. Publishers of books and journals related to mountain culture, the Alpine Club of Canada provides support for access and environmental issues, an avenue into competition climbing, financial grants that support a variety of mountaineering related projects, and much more.

The Alpine Club of Canada’s 22 local “Sections” from Yukon to Newfoundland & Labrador are the heart and soul of the ACC. The Sections offer Club trips every weekend, interspersed with back country courses for beginners through experts. Whether someone is a hiker, back country skier, snowshoer, ice climber, rock climber or mountaineer, the ACC has an activity of interest.

The Alpine Club of Canada
201 Indian Flats Road
Canmore, Alberta, T1W 2T8
Tel: 403 678 3200
Fax: 403 678 3224
Twitter: @alpineclubcan

Mailing Address…
The Alpine Club of Canada
P. O. Box 8040
Canmore, Alberta, T1W 2T8

If you’re a member of the Alpine Club of Canada or have any experience with the club, please share your experience by adding a review in the comment section below. Thank you!

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