Touring Italy

touring italy logoRoberto D’Alessandro is a tour operator. His business is called “Touring Italy”, a name which is self explanatory. Roberto has worked within the tourism industry for quite some time. Initially he worked for an American travel company, and then decided to venture off on his own.

As is to be expected of a young Italian guy who’s originally from Naples and once worked for an American firm, Roberto is fluent in English. He has a good command of French and Spanish as well.

Why Vagabond Travel is so sold on Roberto’s “Touring Italy” tour operation is because there is no paying in advance, and there is no cancellation penalty. Plus, even though there are amazing tour and excursion packages, Roberto is flexibility. He will design a custom vacation to meet the needs or wishes of his clients. These may not sound like earth shattering reasons to recommend one tour operator over another, but they are extremely rare concessions. But the perks do not end there.


One of Touring Italy’s popular excursions is along the Amalfi-Coast.

“Touring Italy” clients are given a cell phone with a prepaid card upon arrival. In this way they can always reach Roberto or one of his staff should they need assistance when not touring or on an excursion.

“Touring Italy” is not the typical, large tour operation and the company is very proud of this fact. Roberto’s company is best described as a boutique tour operation, and thus is much more sensitive to it’s clients’ needs. “Touring Italy” is an extremely client-oriented, luxury travel experience. Far more so than anything Vagabond Travel has found being offered elsewhere in Italy.

Do not misinterpret the fact Roberto’s firm focuses on luxury tours to equate the service with being overly costly. They’re not cheap budget bus tours to be sure. However, based on the value clients taking a tour or excursion receive, they’re bargains.

Touring Italy
Contact: Roberto D’Alessandro
Tel: +39 328 06 78 646
Twitter: @TouringItalia

If you’ve been on a Touring Italy tour or excursion, please share your experience with other travelers by adding a review in the comment section below. Thank you!


Vagabond Travel came into being April 16, 2014 when I departed Canada heading for Mexico City. I have no destination in mind, nor an itinerary to follow. This is a sort of website, journal and travel blog all rolled into one. That’s about it.

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