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writerHere you’ll find articles written by Vagabond Travel staff, volunteers, and contributing writers. We hope they will provide you an insight into the wonders this world holds.

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In the meantime, enjoy these travel articles, and the photos and videos that document our travels and that we share all over the Internet. But be sure to keep in touch because you never know when our paths may cross and we can meet over a meal, some drinks or whatever.


My Gripe with Saint Peter: Hiking the Volcano in Lago de Atitlán by S. Bedford
Torres del Paine National Park by Vagabond Travel
Momotombo Volcano Blows It’s Top by Vagabond Travel
Australia’s Adventurous Scuba Diving by Daniel Hardie
Razor Wire and Strawberry Fields by S.Bedford
The Wrath of the Wrasses: Diving in Labuan Bajo, Flores by S.Bedford
If Willy Wonka was a Hippie: Spirituality and the Cacao Connection by S. Bedford


Cal Orko – The Dinosaur Wall of Bolivia by Vagabond Travel
Goa, India – by Harshad Jethra
Bruges, Belgium by Vagabond Travel
Visiting Normandy: Coastal Cuisine Rich in Culture and History by Ben Ford
The Cyclades Islands by Len Bowcott
Cinta Costera, Panama City by Len
10 Must See Attractions In Turkey by Len
Brittany is Northwest France’s Seaside Resort by Ben Ford
Monterrico, Guatemala by Len Bowcott
Barcelona Hostels For Budget Travelers by Len

Travel Tips & Advice

Scammed And Robbed Of Our Passports – Almost by Len
So Decrees “Matty’s Laws” – by Len
5 Tips For Carefree Air Travel by S.Bedford
What to Look For When Researching B & B’s by Poppy R Smith
10 Days Is All It Took To Change My Life by Len Bowcott
Maybe This Was Cory Hart’s Problem, Too by S.Bedford
My Unexpected Tour Of Guatemala City by Len Bowcott
11 Benefits To Studying Abroad by Vagabond Travel
What to Look for When Researching Travel Accommodations by Ron Barker

Culture & Folklore

Guatemalan Worry Dolls by S.Bedford & Len Bowcott

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5 Tips For Carefree Air Travel

For most, the notion of being 30,000 feet above ground in a vehicle with less leg-room than a Smart Car and more seat-kicking than a minivan full of pre-schoolers is a daunting one. And while many travelers subscribe to the…

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Australia’s Adventurous Scuba Diving

Adventurous Scuba diving in beautiful Australia is something that is often desired by many well known divers everywhere throughout the planet for its rich and different experience. Australia is known for its amazing dive sites and locations and is a…

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