Velika Plaza, Montenegro

Velika PlazaThe 12 kilometer sandy beach called Velika Plaza is just south of the town of Ulcinj, and it is the longest beach in Montenegro. Translated to English, the name is Long Beach or Big Beach. Velika Plaza stretches from Port Milena in Ulcinj to Bojana River, which separates it from Ada Bojana.

Velika Plaza is natural asset of Montenegro that the government hopes to see developed in an environmentally friendly manner as part of the country’s tourism development. The vast hinterland of the beach is mostly undeveloped, so it is potentially the site of the biggest greenfield investment on Montenegrin coast. So far, a public competition has been announced with the intention of creating a master plan for developing a sustainable waterfront community through the participation of both public and private partners.

Velika Plaza beach is the premier kite-boarding, (also known as kite-surfing), location on the Adriatic Coast. It is hard to find better and safer surrounding to learn kite boarding than here. Shallow, warm water and constant thermal wind make learning here a pure joy. There are no obstacles in or out of the water, so it is one of the safest kite-boarding beaches found anywhere. Plus the tides don’t affect boarding, nor do they detract from the safety. The current is not strong enough to present any significant danger either, and there is no undertow at all. During the summer, the average temperature is 34°C and water temperature average is 23°C.

Along the beach kite surfers can ride excellent wave conditions most of the time. The flat water is located at the southeast end of the beach, inside the river mouth.

There are a number of kite surfing schools along the beach.

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