Visiting Normandy: Coastal Cuisine Rich in Culture and History

Located along the coast in Northwest France, Normandy is a land rich in beauty, history and unique cultural experiences. Normandy is well known for its historical monuments, pristine beaches as well as the dramatic seaside. The area has a special cultural feel particularly because of the Norman influence that is felt to date. In many ways the history of Europe can be found in Normandy from the conquest by the Romans, invasion by the Barbarians and Vikings to the occupation and liberation of France during World War II via the beaches at Normandy.

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint Michel Abbey in Normandy, France. Photo courtesy of The Roosevelts.

Your visit to Normandy should include the guided tour of the American Cemetery and Memorial. This is a place where many French people consider a sacred. It was used to recognize the people who fought World War II. It honors the American soldiers who died in World War II. The memorial park is close to Omaha beach so you can visit it if you find yourself on the coastal side of Normandy.

Your Norman adventure should also lead you to Rouen. There is an amazing Gothic cathedral at Rouen which you must visit if you love to explore and learn about the French culture. The Medieval quarter is also an ideal place to visit while in Rouen. It is a museum that showcases the best of the Norman culture.

While in Normandy, you can go to the most visited attractions in France, Mont Saint-Michel. It is a beautiful village and monastery in the heart of Normandy built decades ago. It s connected to the mainland using a causeway. This iconic building in France is considered one of the wonders of the western world. Visit this to witness the majestic beauty of Normandy.

The port city of Dieppe also deserves some recognition. This city has an old harbor where you will find fishermen unloading their fresh fish and British tourists walking along the streets. The city is known for some of the best fish dishes in France. There are also big beaches and beautiful cliffs that make Dieppe a worthwhile place to visit.

Treat yourself to the best local beverages in Normandy by visiting Route du Cidre. You will enjoy the local ciders and see some of the smallest villages in Normandy. You can stop on some of the villages to sample their ciders. You’ll get different varieties of ciders in this area.

Visit Trouville to enjoy the best ciders in the best mussels you have ever tasted. Mussels are recognized as one of the most famous dishes in France. In Trouville, you will not only get to enjoy the best mussels but also have an opportunity to visit designer boutiques and 5 star hotels in the town. Some of the restaurants in the town serve the best seafood in France.

Most of the country’s dairy produce comes from this area. The green and beautiful region is actively involved in cattle breeding and fishing which are main economic activities in the area. Normandy experiences temperate weather all year round which explains why it is a common tourist attraction. During the winter, it is usually rainy and cold whereas summer months are relatively sunny. It is one of the places that you can visit at any time of the year and still enjoy your vacation.

For accommodations during your visit to Normandy, visit here for information on vacation rentals available in Northwest France.

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